Crystal Cut - Walk Away

Stuck in the Covid lockdown with little creative output a dedicated team united to deliver a music video, for independent act, Crystal Cut. Working with a detailed directors brief, each of the contributors set about interpreting the song with their own creative vision. The entire production was directed, produced and post produced remotely.

Walk Away by Crystal Cut
Written and Produced - Crystal Cut
Recorded - Big Ears Audio, Melbourne
Mastering - Graeme Durham The Exchange UK
Label - BEA Records

Director/Producer - Matt Wilson
Edit & Post Producer - Michael Houlahan
Flame Artist - Jamie Scott
Colourist - Martin Greer
EP - Lan Pham & Gordon Westman (Viet Nam)
Producer - Hoa Nguyen
Vietnam Unit Dir - Phu Nguyen
DOP & Supervisor - Phuc Phan
Cam Op & Editor - Tien Kha Bao
Starring - Quynh & Kil ( Young couple) - Kha Nam (Dancer) - Auntie Ha & Uncle Luong Bui ( Old Couple )
PA's - Chow Chow & Ngan Hanh
DOP - Jaque Fisher
DOP - Marc Buckner
DOP - Matt Wilson
DOP/Production - Marcus Pizzalato
Prod Manager - Kyahm Ross
Dancers - Bella Houlahan & Laura Hesse
Couple - Charlie Buckner and Henry Mathison
Hostage - Henry Buckley
Attacker - Jordan Ouwerkerk